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Side gig: How I started designing websites and landed my first client

It all started back when I used to work at a grocery store. The merchandise receiver was going on a month long vacation and I was going to cover for him while he was gone. On my daily routine, I would receive products and merchandise from dozens of companies. They all left a paper invoice for me to sign as proof that the merchandise was received by the store. It always surprised me that these companies would list their phone number, FAX NUMBER, maybe an email address (they were always @gmail or addresses) but NO website. I would...

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Get $300 for opening a new checking account

That’s right! Make $300 just for opening a checking account with Chase. This is the highest cashback offer I’ve seen from any bank for opening a checking account. Making the $300 is relatively easy and requires maybe about an hour of your time. I’m not going to go too much into explaining Chase Bank as they are pretty well know but if you were already looking into opening a checking account this is an easy way to make some extra ca$h. If you don’t really need another checking account right now I will tell you how I have personally used...

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Microsoft Office Alternatives

Jorge: Hey mom, can you pleeeeaase buy me this: **holds up what looks like a DVD case** Mom: What is it? Jorge: It’s a program that I need for school. Mom: Hmmm How much is it? Jorge: Ummmm, $200… Mom: What! $200 for a CD?!? Jorge: It’s not a CD mom, it is a program that I need for school to do projects, presentations, and papers. Please, Please, Please, Please, PLEEEEAAASEEEEEEE…… Mom: Hmmmm if you need it for school I guess. That is what a particular conversation between me and my mother sounded like at our local Circuit City...

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How to File Your Taxes For Free

Income taxes. People either love them or hate em! But even if you are receiving a refund, one thing we can all agree on is that everybody dreads filing their income taxes. Do I have all my documents? Which form/s should I use? Wait, did I pay for this last year? Am I missing anything else? Thankfully, gone are the days when you had to make an appointment, gather your documents, fill out paper forms, sign them, attach your documents, and mail them out. Everybody does electronic filing these days and there are a lot of programs that are...

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Beware: Social Media Pyramid Scheme

Crowdfunding through social media. AKA just an online Pyramid scheme, has become really popular over the last few weeks. This new scheme is targeted at millennials and social media users to take their money. Its gotten so popular that 3 people I follow on Instagram have been constantly posting about it on their stories, trying to “recruit” more users. Not only is it illegal, but its also a lot more work than advertise for you to get the $1,200 that was promised. There’s no middle ground and you either loose $150 or go all the way and spam your...

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